Automatic Welder UNIFLOOR 500

automatic, efficient, quiet

Leister’s reliable automatic floor welder, UNIFLOOR 500, is a fresh and reimagined
version of the proven UNIFLOOR E/S models.

Suitable for welding the joints in resilient floor coverings made of plastic such as PVC, CV,
PUR, antistatic ESD floors, as well as for sealing the joints in natural coverings made of
linoleum and rubber.

Technical data
Mains connection [V / Hz] 2                                    30 / 50/60
Power [W] 2                                                                             300
Weight including roll holder and 3m cable [kg]                 15.5
Speed [m / min]                                                                 0.7-7.5
Air flow range [%]                                                             45–100
L x W x H including roll holder [mm]               562 x 289 x 440
Nozzle air slide [mm] narrow,                                                 1.6

Comes complete with: UNIFLOOR 500 incl. rod de-reller, nozzle positioning gauge Storage case,Hex key size 3, Torx key size 15

Download for further information:
Product flyer UNIFLOOR 500 (PDF 1,6 MB)