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With a complete range of machines and special tools for the flooring industry, we want to make your daily work easier. We want to ensure that our products can be used efficiently by you through the special advice of our sales representatives and application engineers. Our highest goal is to deliver consistently good quality and offer a high level of service to ensure your satisfaction as our customer.

Removal of Floor Coverings

Removing floor coverings such as carpets, PVC/linoleum, parquet, or tiles - whether on small or large surfaces - can be done effortlessly with our tools and machines. We offer everything from hand scrapers to our handy battery-powered Compact-Stripper, the proven Power-Stripper, and our very quiet, hydraulically operated strippers. The latter can also be conveniently ridden on as a Ride-On machine. Adapted to the material to be removed, we provide a wide range of blades and chisels in various designs.

Subfloor Treatment

The Columbus sanding machine is a well-known machine for every floor layer. With over 60 years of developed tools and accessories, it is the standard machine for subfloor preparation. For more stubborn residues on surfaces and subfloors, we offer grinding machines in various sizes and weight classes. Starting from hand sanders, small hand machines to a 4-head grinding machine for high removal rates. The extensive Quick-Change diamond system equips you for all current and future tasks in subfloor processing. Our proven sanding dust extractors and pre-separators help you to leave a clean construction site.
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Dust Extractors

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Testing and Preparing Subfloors

Before starting the flooring installation, the subfloor must be dry and levelled. To determine the residual moisture of screeds, we offer various measuring devices - from the classic CM method, different electronic measuring methods to the modern KLR method with Bluetooth connectivity. Combination devices cover a wide range of different measuring tasks, including determining air humidity, room temperature, and wood moisture. For creating a levelled subfloor, you will find all the machines and tools for priming the subfloors, mixing leveling compounds - from small hand mixers to large mixing stations - and finally all the necessary trowels and squeegees.
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Laying of Floor Coverings

What type of installer are you? Flipper, Delphin, Tuna, or Marlin? Regardless, we have the right knife and blades for you. We also offer all other tools for installing carpets, PVC, linoleum, rubber, or vinyl - from hand tools like adhesive spreaders, to electric or battery-powered machines, to more complex devices like a welding machine - you are in the right place! This is complemented by numerous tools and accessories to help you work quickly and efficiently. Speaking of efficiency, have you tried our electric strip cutter for elastic floor coverings, or design punches in various sizes? For a clean finish, our edging machines - stationary or for the construction site - ensure everything is well mounted. You will also find a wide range of systems for fixing and bonding skirting boards and stair treads, the latter with our time- and cost-saving spray contact adhesive system GLUKON.
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Installation and Sanding of Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring is one of the most sustainable floor coverings. Whatever installation method you prefer, we have the right tools and machines for you. Whether for new installation or renovation. Starting from simple hand tools like hammer and tapping block, efficient punches, comfortable sawing systems to advanced sanding systems. By the way, oiled surfaces are particularly fine with our Trivo-Disc sanding system! We offer a wide range of different sandpapers in various qualities - corundum, zirconium, ceramic, iridium - and for textured surfaces, you will find suitable brushes and special pads. In case of mishaps, our repair systems are universally applicable for parquet, vinyl, tiles, and many other surfaces.
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Klettschleifscheiben Ø 150mm

Sanding materials

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Moving heavy loads alone or with a partner on the construction site? Modern transport devices like the battery-powered stair climber Liftkar, loading ramps, or other carrying and lifting aids protect your health and make your construction site routine more comfortable and easier.
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Work Protection & Work Clothing

EN 14404 - EN 149:2001 - EN ISO 20344 - nothing to worry about remembering. Here you will find certified knee pads, work gloves, dust masks, hearing protection, eye protection, safety and work shoes. And for a professional appearance with your customers, we offer suitable workwear - work pants, coveralls, light and thicker vests and jackets.
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Cleaning & Protecting of Floor Coverings

Cleanliness is key in this category. Here you will find everything for basic cleaning and maintenance, such as single-disc cleaning machines, eccentric machines, spray extraction devices, dust/water vacuums, and devices for manual cleaning. To keep the floor clean during construction, we offer various floor protection systems. For protecting the floor covering in heavily frequented workplaces, you will find a wide range of floor protection mats for hard and soft surfaces.
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"And More" - Here you will find everything else, such as finishing and special profiles, bendable floor profiles, radiator rosettes, door stoppers, stair runner rods, and the corresponding fastening materials. Also, everything you need for the presentation of carpets, rugs and other floorcoverings.
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