3/4“ connector with clamp

Especially suited for work with levelling compound or fillers when the measuring bucket doesn’t fit under the tap.

Fits almost all single-lever mixers and bath tub fittings!


For levelling compounds and fillers the exact amount of water needs to be used.
A measuring bucket is needed.

The measuring bucket sometimes doesn’t fit under the tap because the sink is too small. This means that water has to be collected from the basement, cellar or other inconvenient locations.


The water adapter AquaFox is a clever aid in these situations.

It can be attached to almost any single-lever mixer which means that you can collect water into your measuring bucket from small taps or small sinks.

Simply clamp the water adapter onto the single-lever mixer, screw on the commercially available ¾“ connector (for example Gardena) and use a ca. 1,5m hosepipe to fill the water easily into the measuring bucket.

Download for further information:
Product flyer AquaFox (PDF 0,2 mb)