Our philosophy

Janser – Professional Flooring Technology

We are your specialist for professional tools, machines and equipment. Whether you are planning on buying a new machine or maintaining your equipment or simply looking for advice, we are ready to take care of your specific needs and help resolve any questions you might have.

Flexibility and reliability are the key factors for success, and for more than 60 years they have been a major part of our corporate policy. Our primary objective is to give you the high quality products and advice you expect and deserve.

The Company

In 1961 JANSER was established solely as a distributor. The company saw substantial growth in 1969 with the start of tool and machine manufacturing and international expansion. Today, JANSER is still a family business.

Since January 1, 2000, the operational business has been run by Janser GmbH in Ehningen, Germany. The company now offers approximately 4,000 different products and a wide range of equipment. We serve more than 26,000 customers in Germany and 50,000 worldwide. Today, JANSER employs 80 people in Germany and approximately 160 in total, including our subsidiaries. The organisation has expanded to include 9 subsidiaries and 21 agencies in 26 countries around the globe. Production takes place in four countries and is targeted to reach more and more markets.