Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners, suitable for safe operation in any environment or application where large quantities of dust to be vacuumed. H class filters in series and a fully automatic filter cleaning system, are key arguments.

The disposal of the vacuumed material is facilitated by the use of collection bags that, once sealed, prevent contamination of the work environment during disposal and provide additional safety for the health of the operator.

The patented cleaning system guarantee constant suction, ensuring the cleanliness of the filters without any intervention from the operator and without interrupting operation as the filters are periodically cleaned by the vibrating action. These models have been designed to meet the requirements of
continuous and extended vacuum cleaning, being particularly suitable when they are coupled with machines in operation.

The cleaning system allows an automatic filter cleaning without ever interrupting the vacuum cleaning process ensuring a constant and efficient suction power. Each of the fitted filters is periodically cleaned by the vibrating action.

The external part of the filter is made using conductive material, a property that allows discharge of the electrostatic current generated during vacuum cleaning. The internal part, thanks to the use of the HEPA filter, is able to filter 99.995% of dust with 0.3 μ particles, making the work environment
safer and free of dust.
The filters are contained in stainless steel cylinders that serve as protection against sucked materials that might be corrosive or abrasive.

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